Pirate Pigeons

Cooperative Multiplayer
My responsibilities: Project Management | Visual FX & Shaders | Coding

Pirate Pigeons is the story of up to four brave pigeons that go on the journey of their lifetime! No, our heroes can’t fly (or they somehow forgot how), so they are in need of a raft to venture out in the great unknown. Sadly, the quality of the raft isn’t the best: There are constantly things to be fixed and the motor needs to be turned on all the time. And then there’s still those blind passagers that bring the raft out of its balance! Only if you work together you can reach your goal before the shabby raft completely falls apart.

This short cooperative-adventure brings a long a whole lot of chaos. It is vital to keep everything under control and communicate well with your fellow teammates to succeed.

In collaboration with Sebastian Burckhardt, Léa Coquoz, Mikael Kämpfer and Sibel Metinoglu, ZHdK 2021