The Ice Breaker

Singleplayer Adventure
My responsibilities: Level Design | Environment Design | Game Mechanics | GDD

Imagine being the only girl in your community. No like-minded friends to play with, but a whole lot of grumpy old people doing their daily business. Boring? Yes, a LOT, Sha’an thinks as well. Not even the place where you live is interesting. Your village is surrounded by endless icebergs, and the water is freezing. Technically. Being Sha’an has a wonderful bonus: Since you are the only amphibian, you don’t care about the cold. So if you can’t change the boring area, what about changing the people? It looks like there are a lot of quarrels to solve. If they all are happy again, the place might become more lively?

This adventure takes you into icy waters where you can explore a lot and have to solve quests given by various NPCs. Quests are solved by picking up objects or taking pictures of certain objects.

In collaboration with Léa Coquoz and Fredrik Vestergaard, ZHdK 2021